Thursday, November 04, 2004

Why did you vote for President Bush?

President Bush won his second term.
From many previous pools, I knew about half of Americans support Bush. But I feel I did not realize and did not understand about half of Americans wanted to vote for Bush before Nov. 2nd.
I am living in California, I am a Japanese, and I work in academic field. As you know, in this situation, most of my friends and colleagues supported Kerry. (To tell the honest, most of them cannot support Bush.)
After Nov. 2nd, I am a bit surprised and cannot understand why a half of voters casted for Bush. I don't believe all voters for Bush are just like consevertive Christians or uneducated people. I don't believe left voters and right voters never understand each others.

So, if you voted for Bush, please tell me why you support for Bush. Please let me understand the reason American support for Bush. As you know, most of people outside America don't like Bush, because during last four years he killed bunch of Iraq citizens. The US has extreme strong power. People fear the President of the USA uses such huge power without justice. All we need is to understand what American people think as the leader of this world.