Saturday, August 28, 2004

My Favorite Music Station

Wow. I keep left this blog for almost 2 months.
During these months, sometimes I had some idea to write here. But once I tried to make the article sophisticated or make it better, it became hard to write in a short time.
So, I will try to post some my feeling simply and shortly from now.

Recently I am absorbed in the good music station powered by LAUNCH Yahoo. This internet radio station can be customized as I like to select the rank of songs, artists and genres. The algorism to choose the playing lists is very good. Now, this internet radio station plays not only my favorite songs but some good songs which I don't know!

I attach the link to my music station in right side bar of this blog. You may understand my music interest by listening to this station within an hour.
(To listen to the LAUNCHcast RADIO station, Yahoo ID is required (FREE registration) and IE6 or NS7 is need as a browser.)


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