Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Dear Steve Jobs and Apple Computer, Inc.

Dear Steve Jobs and Apple Computer, Inc.,

I really enjoy iPod and iTunes Music Store now.
Thanks for good service. I appreciate iTunes Music Store is always trying to collect many music database which includes with rare live sources and old good songs to hardly find in ordinary CD stores.

I am living in the US and I am Japanese. Here is a problem about which I want to write this letter. Many Japanese friends of mine complain about that they cannot use iTunes music store service in Japan.

I guess you are trying to stock many foreign popular songs in iTunes Music Store database before you start iTunes Music Store service in those foreign countries.
But you might be ready to make good profits from many foreign countries even now. You have already started to sell many iPods in those foreign countries. And for example, in Japan, there are many American popular music fans and 130,000,000 CDs of American and European songs are sold per year.

If iTunes Music Store just accept international credit cards, you will get such amount of international music fans without collecting many foreign popular songs. This is very simple way and everybody will be happy.
So, please consider my proposal. I convince your service could become international big business and many people in the world would thank for your services.



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