Thursday, April 29, 2004

New service of iTunes Download

Wow, it’s cool! From this week iTunes music store started new service. We can watch some Music Video & Movie trailer with iTunes. Though it might be not supposed to save these video files, we can watch these as many times as possible by free.
I think this is the first service to download some commercial video files officially and legally. I am looking forward to what is the next service of iTunes.
Tonight I will enjoy these video files!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

The 50 Worst Songs Ever

Recently I felt blue because there were many bad news in the world (especially about Iraq) and I had a bad health condition this week.
However, today I found funny(?) article in USA today.

"The 50 Worst Songs Ever" were selected by Blender & VH1. Actually the selected musicians are not honored for this award. But this also means these songs are very popular and known by everybody. In fact the line-up is very famous numbers as "We built this city", "Everybody has fun tonight", "Ebony and ivory", and so on.
The things which many people love are always the things which many other people hate. So I think this award is a kind of joke and honor.

By the way, If I choice this award, which number is appropriate for the worst song ever?
I flashed the songs "Rock me Amadeus / Falco" and "Heaven is a place on earth / Belinda Carlisle".
How do you feel? I feel these are sucks. (If you like them, I am sorry. It is joke.)

Thursday, April 15, 2004


It has already been past one month since my last posting.
Sorry!! Actually in these one month, I was absorbed to make my Japanese web site and I had a long trip to Europe.
Today is the re-opening day of this English blog!
I updated my private trip to Sweden in here with many pictures. Please check it out!

I will try to post articles in this blog every 2 days or twice in a week since now!