Monday, March 08, 2004

Summary of this one month activity

Almost one month has gone since I started this blog.
Today I want to summarize this activity a little bit seriously. Why did I start this blog? There were some reasons.

I. Practice of English composition

This is main reason. Though I came in California last October, my English skill still does not be improved enough. Most of my working time, I am in the front of a computer or some measurement equipments alone, or I discuss something with my colleagues. But the members are fixed. Recently they became to understand what I want to say easily, because they have already learned my bad habits of English speaking. And moreover, we discuss about specific scientific field. This type of discussion is easier for us, because we have already shared many specific words of our specialty.
I always feel I need some reviews of my English study. When I speak English, I don’t notice my English mistake. Even if I notice my mistake while I am speaking, it is hard to speak again correctly and it is easy to forget. An English teacher of my ESL conversation class recommended me to make composition everyday like diary.
At the same time, I was also interested in blog. I usually read the news and web log of CNET.com and CNET Japan. Before this year I just had an interest in blog as a reader. But 'Sotto Voce', whose writer made guest blog in CNET Japan last February, fills the pleasure of bloggers. After I found that blog, I wanted to make my blog. Then I thought it was good method to use blog for my English practice.
Unfortunately my English teacher doesn't like using PC. I can't use this blog as an interactive training with him. But he makes correction of my printed papers. Sometimes some of my colleagues and friends point my mistakes by e-mail. I always thank them. Now, this works. Do you want to know how my English skill is improved? I think it need more times.

II. Communication with my American friends

The second purpose is to let my friends know who I am and what I think. Actually the number of my American friends is not so many. But sometimes I need the time to speak what I feel in English and I lost the chance to say that. To write some personal opinion in my blog, I can make chances to talk about it with my friends. Now, it also works. For this purpose, I also started to make another web site with free format. But recently the number of Japanese readers is more increased than the number of American readers. So, I tend to be absorbed to make Japanese web site. It is not good for my English practice...

III. Making opinions as a foreigner to American people

Sometimes I found good web site which included some feeling or opinions of Japanese people who lived in the US. They wrote both of respectable points and bad points of the US. But most of them are written by Japanese language. It is pity. I want to tell such opinions to American people directly. I know, it needs more progressive English skills. Now I am satisfied this blog as a private training. This purpose is my final goal.


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