Saturday, March 06, 2004

How popular is the NY Yankees on the west coast?

The tickets of the LA Dodgers single home game were on sale today. I tried to purchase tickets for one game with internet online. The game will be at June 19th, the LA Dodgers versus the NY Yankees. Most Japanese want to watch that game because the NY Yankees has Hideki Matsui, a famous Japanese baseball player and now the LA Dodgers also has some good Japanese baseball players.
Tickets of all Dodgers single home games were on sale today morning except for the opening game. For first two hours, it was hard to connect the Dodgers web site online. Sometimes I tried and failed. In the afternoon, I could connect to the web site to purchase the tickets which I want. But, can you believe it? At that time the rest of the tickets of that game were scarce!

The price of the Dodgers home game tickets is from $6.00 to $37.00. Higher priced ticket seats are closer to home plate. When I could connect to the web site, all the tickets higher than $12.00 were sold out. This may be some reasons. That game will be good match. That game will take place in daytime of a weekend. Those games during 6/18-6/20 were the only chance we can see the Yankees in California.

But I still wonder why only that game was sold out early. There are many other good games like the Dodgers versus the SF Giants at weekend. I also researched those other games sales and I found I could buy the higher price tickets of all other games. Why was only this game of Dodgers versus Yankees sold out? Off course the Yankees has many good players. It's special. This year the Yankees also gets Alex Rodriguez. It might be too much. I feel American sports fans always like their home team. Is the NY Yankees so popular in California?

I guess the reason may relate to Japanese interests. Many Japanese baseball fans support Hideki Matsui. It draws big money. And California is very familiar and close to Japan. Many Japanese live in California. I guess half of Japanese baseball fans in California tried to buy that ticket today. But it is still not enough. I guess some Japanese travel agency tried to buy out the tickets of this game. They will make a big tour campaign in Japan like "Go to LA and watch the baseball battle of Matsui versus Nomo!!" and so on. What do you think?
I bought $12 tickets to this game. The seat position is almost at the top of outfield. I wonder how many Japanese tourists will appear this game.


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